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Rear Seat Belts and Accessories

As a service to our customers we have available TSO'd aircraft seatbelts. These special order rear lap belts and harnesses are manufactured especially for B.A.S., Inc. by AM-SAFE Inc. We are able to match your custom front harnesses with the same webbing colors and buckle. These rear lap belts and harnesses must be special ordered due to the many lengths, styles, and attach fittings available. Call BAS Inc for more details.

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Lap Belts Only


Lap Belts Only (Both Sides Adjust)


Fixed 3 Point Harness


Inertia 3 point Harness

Starting at $835/Seat

Y Fixed Harness


Neck Cuffs Set of 4

Padded neck cuffs from a soft suede material to add comfort and prevent chaffing. Available in Black and Grey.


Protector Sheaths Set of 4

Protector sheaths are made from hard plastic to help protect lap belts from possible damage due to seat tracks, articulating seats, and doors.




Neck cuffs

Neck Cuffs

Protector sheaths

Protector Sheaths